Conversations with Butter

Butter (apropos to nothing): If you get a will, don’t forget to make me executor.

Me: Good lord.  I don’t want to make any of you my executor.

Butter: What do you mean, “make any of you?”  Are you talking multiple parts of my body, such as my nose being no more a choice executor than my left heel is, or are you referring to multiple people, and if so who?

Me: Multiple people.  My family members.

Me: Also your individual body parts, I guess.

Butter: Make me executor!  I hear my large intestines, in particular, are quite judicious in their decisions….

Me: Your large intestines are too easily swayed by outside forces.

Butter: No they aren’t.  Me arms say the word on the nervous system is that it would be very good.  But then again, you know how my arms are, always rubbing shoulders and all that.

Me: I think they take bribes.

Butter: No.  Unlike your hands, these elbows ain’t greasy.

Me; I should grease my elbows, yes.  Thanks for the reminder.

Butter: ….