The Benefits of Pushups

Friend: Can you do pushups?

Me: Hell no.  I start up, go down, and once I get past a certain point, collapse on the floor.

Friend: Me too.  Except, I lower myself gracefully to the floor.

Me: Hate pushups.

Friend: There can be benefits, though.  Occasionally I’ll tell my husband that, yeah, I can totally do ten pushups, because even if I can’t, there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

Friend: The last time I did that, I went over by the couch, because that’s usually where the carpet is.  I started to do a pushup, and I found a pacifier under the cushions that I’d lost a few months ago!

Friend: Granted, I could just look without doing the pushups.

Me: Naaah.

Friend: Exactly.