Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

My reaction: It’s Lestrade!  With a knife!

Amy and Rory were good in this one.  I liked their competence.  Too often the high companion turnover means they’re never around long enough to find their feet (as much as they can ever be found, when traveling with the Doctor).  To emphasize their awesomeness, the writers dragged some novice companions along for the ride to be injured and confused in the Ponds’ stead.

This isn’t really related, but I like to imagine that Nefertiti gave herself to the antique hunter because she was planning on luring him into a false sense of security, pushing him out an airlock, then stealing his ship.

Also, I want to read a one-shot or drabble about all the little (and big) ways Amy and Rory alter their lives so that they are always ready for when the Doctor shows up.

And finally, why is the Doctor friends with a big game hunter?  The only thing that guy has to recommend himself is his affinity for using large guns to shoot larger creatures.  This doesn’t seem like the sort of person the Doctor would usually get along with.  I want to see a one-shot explaining how they got so chummy.


The Asylum of the Daleks


I was really nervous.  After the clusterfuck that was “The Wedding of River Song”, I wasn’t sure I could take any more pain and insanity.


But actually…it wasn’t that bad.  The “I kicked you out ‘cause I can’t have kids” thing was indescribably stupid, though.  Like, really really really.  Cubed.  Haven’t you heard of surrogates?  Adoption?  Hell, I’m sure there’s at least one point IN ALL OF TIME AND SPACE where you could grow yourself a new set of reproductive organs.  Or use a uterine replicator.  Talk to the Doctor.  He’ll hook you up.


So, really stupid, y’all.


Also, the Predator of the Daleks?  I’m really hoping this wasn’t just a throwaway title.  There needs to be some explanation, here, because as it stands it makes no sense whatsoever.


Daleks believe they are better than everyone else, right?  They believe they are the ultimate predator.  Calling a non-Dalek the Predator of the Daleks means raising him above them in the food chain.  In the very least, that seems like it’d be bad for morale.


The only way this would work (that I can think of) would be if they revere him.  That he’s such a good predator—he’s killed so many Daleks—his proficiency (and hate?) is something to emulate.  To…respect, in their own twisted way.


However, if this is true, then they should have feared him enough that they wouldn’t want anything to do with him.  A few of them would gladly have taken on a suicide mission to the asylum if the only other option was to bring the Doctor onto their very command ship.  That would be asking for disaster.




So on one hand, this is Moffat.  Say one thing for Moffat, say he’s got story arcs.  On the other hand, the Doctor was just erased from the Dalek pseudo-hivemind.  (However, based on something that happens in the next episode I suspect that this also might be an arc.)


Goddamn it, Moffat.  Why’d you have to make Amy such an idiot?  I think a piece of your brain must be missing.  Why has no one brought this to your attention?