Box o’ Mystery Produce Week 3 Final Post

The rainbow chard with basil, pine nuts, and parmesan was pretty good, though I forgot to add the basil and parmesan.  So it was more rainbow chard with garlic and pine nuts (and butter).

That pasta primavera was also a success, though I wish I had used less onion and more zucchini and tomatoes.  I got the tomatoes from a farmer’s market that sets up in a parking lot every Thursday.  They were $4 per pound, but I think it’s worth it because they were proper tomatoes and not the artificially ripened ones from the supermarket.  I mean, I’m hardly a tomato afficionado, but I could definitely notice a positive difference in taste and texture.

I picked up some salad dressings from Wegmans’ (Wegman’s?  Wegmans?) and used them on the lettuce, which worked out well.  I’ll have to try adding more toppings.

Finally, I still had half the zucchini used in the primavera left over, so I made zucchini bread.  I used the recipe from here and the topping recipe one of the commenters mentioned here.  I modified the recipe slightly.  I didn’t want to make two loaves of bread because I didn’t know if I’d like it and also I only have one bread pan.  Halving it required needing 1.5 eggs, so I used two eggs and an extra 1/2 cup of zucchini.  Next time I think I’ll put the strudel in the middle–a lot of it fell off when I took the loaf out of the pan.

As of today, we still have one onion-thing, the golden zucchini, and the sweet potato left.  Haoshu ate the strawberries and I had to toss most of the basil (note to self: look up what makes the leaves turn dark green).

Finally (this has nothing to do with the Box), I made those crackers again.  Last time I used the spelt flour Mom gave me because she didn’t like it.  This time I used regular whole wheat flour, which increased the baking time by about five minutes.  I also added cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg instead of garam masala.  The crackers turned out pretty bland, and I’m still not sure whether it’s because of the change in spices or the flour.


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