Box o’ Mystery Produce Challenge, Week 3

Produce received:
Strawberries (small box of)
Basil (metric ton of)
Rainbow Chard (bunch)
Onion-ish things (three)
Zucchini (green and gold)
Sweet Potato (one)
Lettuce (some type of red, head)

Recipes selected:
Ranbow Chard with Basil, Pine Nuts, and Parmesan (chard, basil)
Pasta Primavera (basil, onion-things, zucchini)

I told Haoshu that she’s on her own with the sweet potato.  I don’t do sweet potatoes (or yams).

I’m also trying to eat the lettuce as a simple salad, but it didn’t go well last night because the only dressing I have is an olive oil and vinegarette blend.  It’s delicious on spinach, but disgusting on this lettuce (I don’t have a high tolerance for vinegar, anyway).  So I need some new salad dressing.  What to buy…


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