Box o’ Mystery Produce, Week 2 Final Post

I lied.  Those weren’t leeks.  As far as I can tell, they’re Walla Walla Sweet Onions.  Oh well.  I tried making the soup anyway.  It came out really bland, but it’s probably because I underuse seasonings (I’m afraid of overusing them and rendering the food inedible).  I’ll have to try adding more salt to the leftovers.

I also made some crackers.  They look nowhere hear as pretty as those do because I had some…issues…with getting the dough rolled out.  I was worried they’d be too bland, so I added a tsp of garam marsala along with the dry ingredients because, y naught?  I’m actually quite taken with how they turned out, and I might give the recipe another go with a different seasoning.

I made the muffins, which I am quite happy with.  If I get more cherries, I might do without the cocoa powder.  I’m not too keen on chocolate flavored baked goods, and the chocolate chips are probably enough.  Also, the smell reminds me of Cherry Garcia ice cream, which is never a bad thing.

I made the savory squares, too, but with a few adjustments.  Some of the Red Russian Kale had become disgustingly wilty, so I used a mix of Red Russian and normal kale that I had in the freezer.  Also, I added some chicken sausage for flavor.  I should have gone with bacon, but I’d had some recently and felt that might be over-doing it.

I didn’t get around to anything else, and I haven’t finished eating the soup because it bothers my stomach.  Oh well.


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