Math Saves

Or does it?

I want to make this shawl.  Simple, right?

Wrong.  I want to make it with stripes.  So, I need some way to estimate how much yarn I need to order for each stripe.  I can’t be lazy about this and ordereh, whatever looks good, because I need to (or want to) finish each iteration of the pattern before switching to a new color yarn, which means that if I don’t order enough now I might have to order more in the future which would be bad for all sorts of economic and yarn-y reasons.

So I needed to estimate what percentage of the area of the shawl each stripe would represent.  This would allow me to figure out how much of each color to buy (presumably).  And I used math to do it.  Granted, I made it more complicated than it needed to be, because I am tired and when I am tired integrals seem like a good idea.  Or something.  I think maybe I should sleep on this to make sure I didn’t do anything too stupid.

But math is pretty cool.  I can’t imagine how I would have solved this problem without it.

[O God I have made a mistake.  Forgot to meld the knitting with the math.  Assumed that the pattern repeats would change size to suit my whims.  Time for bed.  Definitely.)


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