My Lovely Sam Soon (a not-review)

I caved.  I desperately needed something to watch, because I’ve still got about 2/5 of this cardigan to complete.  I feel like I’ve watched everything American, Canadian, or British that I could ever want to watch (which is also available on hulu or Netflix instant).  So I gave in and picked a Korean drama.

Shu says Korean dramas are formulaic (in the same way the romance novels are, I suppose), but I haven’t been exposed to enough of the genre to pick out the clichés.  This is kind of like how I enjoyed Eragon back when I read it in middle school, and only now appreciate how utterly derivative it is.


Five episodes in, and I can say with certainty that the main export of South Korea seems to be domestic violence.  (The main export of North Korea is, obviously, darkness.)  Women beat men about the head with whatever comes to hand; handbags, stuffed animals, open hands.  When Jin-heon’s mother pulled him into the bathroom to beat him because she thought he’d entered into a relationship without telling her?  Sam-soon sat there and giggled at the yelps emanating from behind the closed door.

The guys put the man in manhandle.  Bitch wants to leave before you’re finished talking to her?  Bitch wants to ask you questions about your ex-girlfriend?  Bitch is on a diet and doesn’t want to eat the delicious crepe you made for her?  Easy, just grab her by the shoulders, or arm, or hand.  Basically, grab anything you can reach and hold her there until you’re fucking done with her.

Then again, the women aren’t much better.  An old friend showed up to your work unexpectedly, and is about to say something embarrassing about your past while a coworker is within earshot?  Grab and hustle her out the dining room, into the hallway, through the foyer, and onto the sidewalk.  Only explain your actions once you’re outside so that your vict–er, friend can struggle and protest loudly the entire time.

Jin-heon is the worst, though.  He throws and punches stuff when he’s angry.  What makes him angry?  Pretty much, like, everything.

This shit is fucked up, man.


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