Kitchen Adventures, Prelude

“What is that?” I asked.  Shu had just taken a semicircle of something out of the fridge.  The texture looked dough-ish, but the color pointed more toward cheese.

“Dough.”  She replied, sniffing it.

“It wasn’t always green, right?” I persisted.  It was mottled a bit like wheat dough, but it was a very fetching forest green color, which wheat dough doesn’t generally come in.  “It was more tan, when you first put it in.  I think.”

“Yeah.”  She confirmed.  She unwrapped it from its cocoon of saran wrap, and sniffed it again.  “It’s still good.”

“But, what kind of dough is it?”  I really hoped it wasn’t cookie dough. I like cookies, but I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to taste them after witnessing its transformation over the last week or so.

“Spaghetti.  Pasta.”  She molded it experimentally with her fingers.

I laughed.  “This is going to be very interesting to wake up to.”


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