I use Goodreads to keep track of the books I have read/want to read.  I love that site.  Before that I was trying to use Amazon and add books I wanted to read to a wishlist, but that was a pain to use.

When I started using Goodreads, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to rate books.  I didn’t have a method.  I seem to have developed one, and it goes like this:

☼: I couldn’t finish it (due to poor writing quality, poor character quality, the story having one or more elements which annoyed/bothered me, being dead boring, all of the above, etc).

☼☼: I managed to finish it, but only through the application of a considerable amount of willpower.  Or, I finished it, but I wished that I hadn’t bothered.

☼☼☼: Was ok.  If this is the first book I’ve read by a particular author, I’m probably not going to read any others unless someone is very, very convincing.  If this is not the first book I’ve read by that author, then I might continue reading if the others were sufficiently good.

☼☼☼☼: Was good.  Enjoyed the book, and will be reading more by that author.

☼☼☼☼☼: Was awesome.  Will reread.  Either own it or will own it very soon.

There.  That was surprisingly simple.


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