Eden of the East: The movies

So Eden of the East has two movies which take place after the end of the anime.  I watched them both.  I wasn’t that happy with them, especially the last one.  They were all,


awesome insanity–;

But I should note here that the overall insanity level remained the same.  They just got rid of the hilariously nonsensical parts and replaced them with…just plain nonsense.  We never found out why Takizawa felt the need to be naked when he wiped his memory the first time.  We never even got a good explanation for why he wiped his memory the first time (people thought he was a terrorist so that made him sad?  WTF!).  The whole series was a bit too free on the memory wiping.  What was it supposed to accomplish?

And then, during the supposedly happy “we won!” montage at the end of the second movie, we get a short clip of the video-camera-Selecao about to get prison raped while in the holding tank of an American police station.

I repeat: WTF.

And don’t even get me started on Taki’s half-assed I’m the dude behind Careless Monday and I’m going to steal all the NEETS away if all the rich old people don’t give up their money.

Wut.  The.  Fuck.


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