Stupid Loure

I’m insanely annoyed.  Shu took up the violin and played a beautiful song yesterday.  Her book identified it as “Loure”, by Bach.  I thought that was enough to go by.  No!

This song does exist; I can find videos of people playing it on youtube.  But it doesn’t seem to have any more details to its name, and I can’t find any recordings on iTunes or Amazon.  I want to own it, damn it!  All of the results are “French suite” this and “partita” that, which is wrong.  I can’t find it using any of the searching-by-humming sites, but that’s not surprising because I tested them with this minuet which I know I was doing correctly and they couldn’t identify it.

Ugh.  I want that song so badly my ability to spell has deserted me.  I just had to google how to spell “results” correctly.  I was stuck on “resaults”, or maybe “resolts”.

Ugh.  I want that song.


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