Taking Exams

I have to get this out of the way, first.  I told one of my bosses that I wasn’t going to be in to work tomorrow because I’ve got an exam.  He asked whether everything was ok.

New observation: you know you’ve gotten old when you hear the word “exam” and think of “medical examination” instead of “test-of-knowledge”.

So I’m taking the MFE tomorrow, and that’s bringing back memories of taking FM last year.  I’d taken FM for the first time in May (or June) of 2010 and failed.  This was the second go around, and I was anything but enthusiastic about studying for it along with completing my senior project for college.  Anyway, it was a computer-based test, which means that I’d get a preliminary pass or fail determination almost the moment I turned it in.

I passed.

I walked on air the whole way out of the testing area, into the room with the check-in desks where I gave them back my pencils and got my print-out stamped with some sort official seal, then into the hallway where I retrieved my purse from the locker and my coat from the…

My coat, my new coat, wasn’t hanging where it should have been.

In the end, it never made much sense because the testing center was the sort of place you only go to if you’ve got a few hundred to blow on the privilege of getting a chance to pass some sort of diabolical exam (which generally requires an even greater down-payment in textbooks, time, and education).  It’s not the sort of place where people routinely steal Old Navy pea coats on purpose, especially when there’s a Banana Republic one in the same size hanging a foot away.  In the end, the woman at the front desk took pity on me because it was cold out and I had on a t-shirt, so she let me take a too-large grey hoodie from the lost-and-found.

But it was pretty ok, because despite the sudden and unexpected loss of my coat, I’d still passed the frelling exam.  If I hadn’t passed, the loss of the coat would only have added insult to injury.

And frostbite.


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