I am not a proponent of Casett

This post started out as a list of shows that have been ruined by the addition of love triangles.  Then it turned into rant against Casett (I’m not active in the fan community, so I have no clue whether this is the accepted portmanteau for Beckett/Castle pairings).  Here goes:

I love Nathan Fillion, but that wasn’t enough to get me past the season two finale.  Castle’s into Beckett, and she knows it.  She refuses to go out with him, which is ok for me because I’d have problems with the pairing, anyway.  So she’s dating some sort of hunk (I don’t remember whether he was a detective, or a firefighter, or…), and then Castle said or did something which had her reconsidering.  So she dumped the hunk and went to go declare her love to Castle, except Castle goes, “Wait!  I have someone I want you to meet!” and then pulls his ex-wife into the picture. They’re going to be hanging out at his vacation house, apparently.

This is killing me for two reasons.  First, the love triangle is painful to watch.  Second, the writers have admitted that a Casett relationship is possible, which is so not cool.  I liked it when the attraction was one-sided; it made sense.  Castle is drawn to Beckett, both because she is an awesome person (also, he’s probably more than a little in love with the character he’s based off of her) and because he can’t have her.  Beckett likes Castle as a friend; he’s funny and smart, but he’s also impulsive and irresponsible and loves himself a bit too much.  She doesn’t actually want to date him, though, which is good because the relationship would never work.

Beckett and Castle spend a lot of time together because their jobs, for the moment, make it possible.  Beckett does her job and solves crimes, Castle does his and watches/(hinders/helps) her solve crimes.  The moment Castle gets bored with the Nikki Heat character, or the books tank, or someone in a position of power who isn’t one of Castle’s poker buddies decides that this whole civilian-writer-tailing-a-police-detective thing is wildly irresponsible, then Castle and Beckett won’t have an excuse to spend time together.

They need an excuse, too, because Beckett’s married to her job.  As soon as Castle ceases being part of it, she will be seeing much, much less of him.  I can just imagine it; Beckett comes home to Castle after a long day of work.  What do they talk about?  Castle, about the fictional murders he’s been fictionally solving all day, or Beckett, about the real murders she’s actually been trying to solve?  She’d get annoyed at him, because his murders are neat and clean and always have motives and closure, which is totally unrealistic.  He’d try to help solve her murders, which is a lot less charming when she has to feed him every detail she’s been banging her head on all day and then watch him rediscover every dead-end that she’s already run into.  Then he’d try to crack some jokes, maybe spin an implausible tale or two except it wouldn’t be amusing because she’s stressed and tired an he’s done the same thing a million times before.

And then there are the nights where Beckett doesn’t come home because she’s chasing a murderer, or a murderer’s chasing her, and Castle can’t be there.  Or the promotional events where Beckett’s dolled up but still doesn’t quite feel like she fits and then Castle makes a flirty comment to some other woman (or a couple other women because, let’s face it, he’s a bit like a hetero version of Captain Jack Harkness), and suddenly it’s not so easy to roll her eyes at his antics because he’s already got two ex-wives and they’re standing right there giving her a knowing look.

And that is why I stopped watching Castle, and why I am against Casett.  And love triangles.  Though that seems to have become a bit less relevant, now that I think about it.


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