Searching for a substitute

Today, Shu wanted to make iced tea.  She needed somewhere for it to steep.  We don’t have a pitcher, so she had to find a substitute.

Her approach for finding a substitute is different than mine, which is why I’m writing about it.  The thing she used would never have occurred to me because, apparently, we use a different search terms.  Shu went for the object that looks the most like a pitcher; the blender.  She assembled the whole thing, blade and all, and stuck a couple tea bags, hot water, and what looks like one and a half lemon’s worth of slices in there.

When  voiced my opinion on how ridiculous I thought her substitute was, she pointed out that we didn’t have anything with as much liquid volume capacity as the blender did.  I pointed to a Tupperware storage container that was sitting on the counter and which could probably match the blender’s capacity.

Our blender’s pretty small.

She scoffed, and claimed that my solution was counter-intuitive.  She wanted a pitcher, so obviously the best solution was that which is most pitcher-like.

When looking for a substitute, I tend to search for something which has a similar purpose.  Blenders, in my mind, are not for storage or steeping tea.  They are something you use for a few minutes, clean up, and put away.  That’s why I’d go for the Tupperware; its purpose is storage, so if I wanted to make a whole bunch of tea and drink some of it later, that’s what I’d reach for.

I think it’s interesting that our solutions were so different, and neither of us could fathom the logic of the other.


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