Retconning my Childhood

My dreams sometimes try to retcon my childhood.  This morning, I had a dream where I was at the beach with a bunch of kids I went to middleschool with, and there was a storm coming in.  We decided to hide in the building we’d had gym class in, even though it was right on the boardwalk (the boardwalk looked like bleachers set end to end.  You had to get off if you saw people moving the other way).  The building was really thin, and we realized we should blow up the moon bounce type things we’d used during gym class in case the building got flooded.  One of the kids put on a CD, and I realized it was the same one he’d put on during almost every gym class in 6th or 7th grade.  This girl started to bug me (actually, she’d been bugging me for a lot for this dream; she wanted me to introduce her to my parents because she had a business proposition for them) about borrowing the CD to record a message for my parents on.  I said yeah, whatever because I figured that if she wanted to do it, she had an idea of how to go about it.

A few minutes later it dawned on me.  No she doesn’t know what she’s doing; she’s from Hogwarts.

Let me count the ways in which this is inaccurate.

  1. I only went to middleschool with one of those people.  The others were strangers.
  2. That building was not the one we had gym class in
  3. The building we had gym class in was not on the boardwalk
  4. Boardwalks don’t look like that
  5. We never had moon bounces during gym class
  6. What the hell’s up with the girl wanting to proposition my parents?
  7. I did not go to school with a girl from Hogwarts.

By now, it must be obvious that my dreams like to mess with me.

But, you see, the insidious thing is that there’s one more error, but it’s so minor next to all the others that I can’t help thinking that it’s true.  The person who put on the CD was the one person who’d actually been in my middle- (and high-) school class.  We did have a gym teacher for a few years who let us play CDs during class.  And this fellow student did, probably, avail himself of this opportunity.

But he didn’t pick the same CD every time.  At least, not so much that I remember it.  So now I feel convinced that I should be able to identify the music from my dream, but I know that’s ridiculous.

Damn dreams.


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