Miles and Miles of Miles

Ok, finishing up the Vorkosigan Saga now.  Well, I’m not going to read Falling Free, because by all accounts it’s an inferior product, but here’s Diplomatic Immunity, Cryoburn, and Ethan of Athos.

As usual, here be spoilers.

Diplomatic Immunity–Ok, so I know I’ve said this already, but let me say it once more for improved clarity: Ekaterin’s awesome.  She’s not overly clingy; finding out that, apparently, someone just tried to murder Miles, she assented to being stowed on one of the Barrayan ships.  She didn’t insist on staying with Miles.  She didn’t make a nuisance of herself.  Y’know how awesome that is?  She knew exactly what she was getting into when she asked the hyperactive little guy to marry her, and she’s living with it.  And then, when he gets laid out due to a designer pathogen?  She stepped up and harangued the Barrayans in charge until they listened to her and, consequently, steered them clear of war with Cetaganda.  She’s utterly calm in emergencies.  She’s amazing.  I love you, Ekaterin.

Cryoburn—Lois McMaster Bujold, you are also awesome.  The whole book was about death; escaping death, cheating death, putting death on hold.  People had themselves interred in cryochambers for decades to wait out new medical advancements which would cure them of their diseases and disorders.  Hell, witnesses were brought back from cryodeath to testify against some corporations.  Mark was even working on a cure for old age.

Essentially, she wrote an entire book which reduced the certainties in life to taxes, and then followed up with a punch to the gut.  I doubt if there was a way she could have given the ending of Cryoburn more emotional impact.  I know that it had me in tears.

Sniff, sniff.  Sob.

Heck, it still does.

Oh man, I can’t remember the last time I cared this frelling much about so many characters.  I’m happy to see any and all of them, whenever they show up.  I love you guys, I love you all.  Sniff.

Ethan of Athos—I don’t think I’ll read Falling Free, but I am glad I read Ethan of Athos.  Ethan’s reactions to women were pretty hysterical, and I loved the chance to hear about Admiral Naismith from Quinn.  Because Admiral Naismith was, for the most part, out of commission by the time Bujold started sharing the burden of narrator amongst other characters, we generally only get to see Naismith through Miles’ eyes.  And Miles thinks of himself as Miles, so it’s not a good indicator of what other people see.  And she kept saying “Admiral Naismith should like this”, or “I’ll make Admiral Naismith deal with it”, or “What would Admiral Naismith do?”, the last of which sounds as though it will make an excellent bumper sticker.

Actually, I think I’ll go do that now….


3 thoughts on “Miles and Miles of Miles

  1. It’s been a long time since I had a “conversation” with anybody except my son on the awesomeness of Miles Vorkosigan and his amazing family. Cordelia is still my all time heroine. So…I have to ask. Are you the author/creator of the What Would Admiral Naismith Do? bumper sticker I saw in Philadelphia today? BTW, it all started for me years ago with a short story called Mountains of Mourning. Read it in an anthology and knew I had to have MORE MILES!

    • Wow! I didn’t think I’d ever meet a person who understood that sticker! Yes, I live around Philly and made a WWAND? sticker for myself. I haven’t seen any others around, so there’s good odds I’m the one you saw.

      I think the Vorkosigan book are my favorite series ever. I’m constantly rereading them! Have you heard about the new Ivan book coming out this year?

      • OMG…small world. Well, until we meet again…FORWARD MOMENTUM!

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