Doctor Who Rant, #1

If you haven’t watched up to “The Girl Who Waited”, then here be…




I really hope there’s some sort of grand design, here.  Because at the moment (as I texted to Becca after watching The Girl Who Waited), “I’m not sure whether I want to vomit or cry.”  I know Doctor Who has never hesitated to lay on the angst, but I feel like this new Doctor’s getting more than his fair share of it.  I mean, seriously.  The girl who waited, The Girl Who Waited, THE GIRL WHO WAITED.  Please, please tell me there’s some sort of significance here, some theme which will coalesce into a pattern with a touch from the benevolent Moffat, because if not then I think I’d suspect the writers of being covert Stargate: Atlantis fanboys except for the almost total lack of physical harm the characters have come to.  Emotional harm, though?  Right on track.  Whumpage++

Amy, Amy, Amy.  She waits for the Doctor but, as we all know, the Doctor tends to have a tenuous grasp of times and dates.  This is nothing new.  It was established in season one of the new series, let alone the old one.  Oh right, the old one.  Let’s talk about that, shall we?  I can’t say I’m an expert on them—my tolerance only extends as far as Pertwee of the velvet jackets and Baker of the scarf.  But I do recall that, when Sarah Jane Smith wanted off/got kicked off the TARDIS (to go pursue the rest of her life in vaguely well-adjusted peace), the Doctor managed to set her down in the wrong part of the country.  You know what TARDIS stands for?  Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  The operative word being “relative”.  I mean, c’mon.  Compared to the entirety of time and space, shouldn’t you be glad the Doctor managed to be only a few decades (or miles) off?

And I guess they had angst in the old series.  Didn’t one of the companions die?  But it was more of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality.  And, God help me, I’m actually hankering for some of that simplicity.  No more Rory getting killed, erased, brought back as a mannequin, brought back as a Human, then killed again on a freaking pirate ship.  No more Amy waiting, sobbing because Rory’s died, being turned into a creepy doll, and then waiting some more.

And this…this unreliability, it has to be a theme.  Please tell me it is.  He screwed up River Song’s rescue, too.  Didn’t get to her before she was all grown up and psychopathic.  Is that where this is going?  He’s going to fail everyone he holds dear, perhaps as a way to explain why the people who kidnapped River Song felt the need to utterly destroy him?  Is he going to suffer his own psychopathic break and go off and terrorize the universe?

I mean, terrorize it more than it’s already being terrorized.

And please, Doctor Who writers, please explain to me why any sane Earth person would, when given a choice between a red and a green button, go and push the red one?  And plus, if those sick people are in some sort of stasis where they don’t need to eat or drink or anything, then how do they age?


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