Diagnosing My Car

My car’s at the shop.  I say it’s a break problem, because it got that feeling of lethargy cars get when the breaks slip/stick/whatever.  Father thinks it’s not a break-thing because break-things don’t smell like burning rubber, despite the fact that obviously something was causing enough friction to make something in the vicinity of my tire smoke.

Even the tow-truck guy was miffed, but then again he seems to have forgotten how to operate manual transmission, so maybe ‘miffed’ if a permanent state for him.  It was quite hilarious how absolutely freaked out he got when he forgot to put the car in neutral and it stalled out on him.  Mind you, if you’ve never been in a manual transmission that’s stalled out, it’s sometimes more spectacular than what you’re imagining.

I watched that with the sound off, so I can’t comment on what the guy’s saying.  But you see how the car jumped forward?  Yeah.  After that, tow-truck guy had Father drive my car onto the bed.

So now I’ve got Mother’s car (because Mother loves me and won’t make me drive Brother’s car).  I miss mine already, though 😦


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