I’m Infected by Your Genetics

I just watched Repo: The Genetic Opera, and it blew me away.

I can’t really comment on the plot or characters; whenever I watch something music I’m left with the feeling that everything was rather simple.  Say…unelaborated on, because they spent so much time singing about stuff instead of doing it.

But this movie, both visually and musically, earns my approval.  I tend to be drawn to movies which have a very distinct visual feel (take Amelie, for example), and this certainly fit the bill.  There were some short segments of the film which were told with comics, and the rest of the live-action portion fit right in.  Half the characters looked like dolls, or eerily accurate drawings come to life.  The lighting, the contrast…I know nothing of these things, but I wish I did so that I could appreciate this movie all the more.

I like this song. And check out Blind Mag. I swear, when I first saw her I thought she was a gynoid.  Or a mannequin.  Or a statue.

And I like the music.  I lot.  I mean, yum.  I don’t care that a major item in the plot is a glowing blue substance extracted, rather improbably, out of what appears to be the nasal cavity of rotting corpses.  I don’t care that I saw that thing with her father coming from a mile away (though I do think I’ll never be able to look at Giles in quite the same way).

The music, the visuals, and the wonderfully gross scene at the very end made up for it all.

I sat there laughing in amazed disbelief for a long moment after it ended.  I hope Shu knows that it wasn’t her I was laughing at.


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