Speaking of Pickiness

Having seen my last post, you’ll probably not be surprised to hear that I am a picky eater.  There are a good many substances which incur my ire if they’re included in my food or my vicinity (like vinegar and, bizarrely enough, ketchup), but I’m going to limit this post to one category; cilantro.  The next one will cover spicy things, while is a much broader set altogether.

I realized that I disliked cilantro after it was included in my salad at Panera bread.  I’d tasted it before, but I’d never bothered to find out the name of the foul-tasting leaf.

Mother kindly ID’d it.

And I know.  I know some people love the taste of cilantro.  I know it tastes fresh and wonderful to you.  However, I seem to have lost that particular genetic lottery:


So there.  As the article explains, it’s totally not my fault that I find cilantro to be absolutely disgusting.  You people, you cilantrophiliacs, have better noses.  You can smell a component that I cannot; a component so lovely that it completely drowns out the awful one that I experience every time I come near the bloody thing.

I cannot be reformed from my cilantro-hating ways.  Leave me be.  I ask only for your understanding, not pity.

With regards to cilantro, that is.  I want all the pity  you can muster for my inability to eat spicy things.


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