Freddie the Tape Man

I don’t have only one roommate, whatever my landlady might think.  Even I didn’t know I was getting two until I moved in and beheld Freddie glaring at me from his perch on the saucer chair.


I was pretty fine with it, at first.  I mean, he doesn’t talk much.  He doesn’t make a mess, or hog the bathroom.  I barely even noticed that he was there.

…Until Shu went to work and left me alone with him.

Sometimes, when I am loading the clothes washer, I realize that the very clothes I’m wearing should probably be washed.  You know the situation; there’s no one else home…and there’s no hurry to regain a socially accepted level of clothed-ness.

Which goes a long way to explaining why I freaked out so very much when I caught sight of Freddie watching me from the living room.  After that first half second of panic my rational mind asserted itself and I realized that it was only the tape man.  But before that?  It might as well have been this guy:


So in the interest of staving off grey hairs I picked Freddie up, plopped him on Shu’s bed and closed her door.

Let her deal with her creepy friend.


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